The goal of this course is to provide you with all the knowledge needed to take the first steps in the film industry. After this course you have a basic understanding of filmmaking and you are ready to further develop yourself as a filmmaker.

During this 10-week course you will become acquainted with all aspects of film making and you will learn how to put the terminology and laws of film into practice. This is your first step towards directing and realizing your own movie!

You will get insight about the role of the director: from script development to the function on set. You will discover how to analyze a script and set up scenes. You also get insight how to use a camera, practice with the basics of directing and learn to mix it up on a set on school. During the last two lessons you have two shooting-days and you work, together with your classmates, towards filming a scene to end the course with.


In the first phase of the course you will start researching what filmmaking and directing actually is. What does a director do? Next to that you will also learn everything about the ‘Short Film’, a ideal medium for you as a starting filmmaker to develop into a director. During the Storytelling-lessons you will learn how to analyze and write a screenplay as a director.


As a director, you make a decoupage prior to filming, but how do you do this and what is it exactly? You will learn different ways to visualize your story. What type of shots are there and what do they contribute to the story?


During the Directing-lessons it’s time to work with mise-en-scène and to learn how to use actors in relation to the camera and what this can do for your story.

After you have gained this knowledge, you dive into the basic theory of Directing and apply it to a scene. During these lessons you will learn both acting and directing by practicing with existing scenes. You make your first steps as a director so you can direct a scene with your classmates at the end of your course.


The last topic you are going to discuss in class before shooting is ‘set-discipline’. Who does what on a film set? You will go through the most important disciplines and discuss possible pitfalls. In preparation for the actual shooting of the scene, you divide the necessary tasks with your fellow students.

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Wednesday 26th of August 2020 | 19:00 - 22:00Wednesday 07th of October 2020 | 19:00 - 22:00

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