Masterclass Acting for the Camera & Audition Training

How to stay relaxed, focused and authentic in front of camera and in auditions to deliver a believable and powerful performance.

On a filmset is often much at stake, and the actor is under tremendous pressure. The RefocusMethod will make sure you stay focused and relaxed.

It is a system to develop a “sixth sense” for identifying and letting go of tension in the body, particularly in the face. ReFocusMethod also helps the actor to stay focused on the objective and the listening; to take away ‘the nonsense’ and revealing your true self and power. The result is a believable and authentic performance, in a very short time of preparation.

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Dates: 22, 23 July

Time 10:00 – 18:00

Cost: €345 MAX 8 participants!

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Where does Refocussed Method come from?

The origin of Refocus Method was created by Andris Blekte in the 1960s in Sweden. Andris taught his technique at the National Acting Academy for about 30 years. Many of the Swedish actors we see in series like “Wallander”, ”The girl with the dragon tatoo”, The Bridge and films like “As it is in Heaven” where students of Andris Blekte.

Andris Blekte personally trained Tony Grahn at the National Acting Academy in Sweden 1990/91. In 1998 Tony started to teach this technique at The Actor Centre in London. Since then he has developed the method further based on his experiences in giving Master classes in Sweden, England and in Holland.

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Tony’s workshop was simple and effective without demanding psychological backflips. All the participants were pleasantly surprised when, as if from nowhere, their performances gained a new depth and truthfulness. - Eli Thorn


Tony Grahn, Acting Coach / Director and founder of ReFocusMethod.

Manouk van der Meulen, Actress with 35 years experience from Film and Tv.

Joey Ploch, Casting Director / Producer at John Doornink Casting.

It takes place at Amsterdam Film School, just outside the centre of Amsterdam.


The workshop consists of two full days, Saturday and Sunday, 10:00 – 18:00.

On the Saturday you will get the theory and the basic skills of the method, how to create a strong awareness of your personal tensions, tics and physical habits, and you will learn how to let go of them. You will also work with excercises to create awareness over where your focus is directed when performing in front of camera. In the afternoon we will continue to work with these skills cnnnecting with text and situations.

On the Sunday we will work in front of the camera the full day, shooting short scenes (text prepared in advanced). Manouk van der Meulen and Joey Ploch will be present too. Manouk will share her skills and experiences in how to create a ”love relationship” with the camera, and gives tips how to stay powerfull and strong working in the complex and demanding Film and TV industry. Sunday afternoon we will be working intensively with audition situations with Joey Ploch, where he also will share his experiences in how to get the best out from a casting session.


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